Can you spot a phishing email?

There has been a significant increase in the numbers of malicious email evading spam filters and reaching our inboxes. Much of this mail is targeted, made to look legitimate and crafted with language to give a sense of urgency, hoping you won’t stop and think.

A new security quiz helps you spot fake messages. It has been created by Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google, who say: “We’ve studied the latest techniques attackers use and designed the quiz to teach people how to spot them.”

We’ve heard about data breaches from well-known firms – Amazon, British Airways, Equifax, Facebook, Google+, Marriott, T-Mobile, Uber. What happens when your data gets into the wrong hands?

Put simply, attackers will use that data to try to get hold of your money. They know which companies you expect to hear from and your contact details. If they don't already have your password, they will send you a spoof ‘phishing’ email which may contain an attachment that downloads malware to your computer or a link that invites you to login to an account and hand over even more of your personal data.

Types of Email Scams

Credential Phishing – bulk emails posing as well-known brands (Apple, Microsoft etc) that contain a link to a fake sign-in page attempting to steal your username, password or credit card details. 

Spear Phishing – targeted attacks, using gathered information, that pretend to be from a colleague or business partner. The attacker will make the email look genuine – showing the sender’s real email address. It may even be sent from their actual email account, the result of a successful phishing attack.

Clone Phishing – an almost identical copy of a previous legitimate email, sometimes sent as a reply or forward, from a trusted contact but containing a malicious link or attachment.

Security software can protect you from known threats and watch for suspicious behaviour but the best defence is to be wary yourself. Take these precautions:

  • Question the validity of unexpected emails.
  • Use different passwords for different sites – make them stronger by using numbers and symbols.
  • Change your password if ever you hear an inkling of a data breach.
  • Where available, use 2-FA (multi-factor authentication) so you are not reliant on just your email address and password to login to a site.
Encourage your colleagues, friends and family to take Google’s Phishing Quiz – the fewer the people who click on these dodgy links, the less chance you have of their infected computers trying to breach yours.


Broadband Troubleshooting

For customers of Rade Internet -  

When your connection is completely offline, please follow these steps to get back online or diagnose the problem:

POWER - Check that all your equipment has power and power lights are lit on all the network equipment. If lights are not showing, please plug another piece of electrical equipment into the socket to check no breakers have tripped and there is power on that circuit.

CABLES - Check the network cables between the devices are all firmly connected and have not become dislodged or damaged.

Check that it's not just your device that's not working by trying another laptop, smartphone or tablet computer that is connected to the WiFi. Also, check if others in your household or business are experiencing the same problems.

WIFI - Check that it's not a WiFi issue. To do this, find a device that can be hard-wired into the access point/TP-Link and try a cabled connection.

REBOOT - Unplug the power cables powering your equipment, wait until all lights go out plus a few more seconds and then plug everything back in. This includes the small black POE adapter which links the radio on your roof and the TP-Link.

DO NOT press any RESET buttons. This will cause the device to factory reset to defaults which do not match our network.  If you think it has reset, try moving the cable that comes from the POE into the WAN port on the TP-Link.

If you have completed all of these steps and still can't use access the internet, please contact us to report a fault. Call 01502 478000.

Please explain that you have completed all the checks in full - our support team will be able to investigate further.

For customers of Zen Internet - 

Follow this link when experiencing performance issues with your Zen broadband service: 

If the steps they suggest do not resolve your connectivity issues, you can contact Zen's Technical Support team for further assistance by phone, email or online chat.  


Full steam ahead

Full steam ahead

2016 has seen the Rade team out and about working in some interesting places and for some celebrated Suffolk events.

We’ve visited some great holiday destinations where we’ve installed discreet UniFi integrated wifi systems and we’ve provided support for the Suffolk Show, the Henham Steam Rally and BBC Springwatch at Minsmere.

Plus, it’s always great to see further growth in the number of business customers with regular IT support contracts.

Our wireless broadband network continues to expand and now stretches 20 miles inland from our original coastal range.

In just the past two months we’ve visited 18 villages to connect properties in dire need of faster broadband:

  • Ashbocking
  • Benacre
  • Blythburgh
  • Bramfield
  • Covehithe
  • Earl Soham
  • Kettleburgh
  • Hasketon
  • Monewden
  • Monk Soham
  • Orford
  • Reydon
  • Sizewell
  • Sotterley
  • Sudbourne
  • Walberswick
  • Westhall
  • Westleton
Phew - quite a list! We are, of course, already taking bookings for January.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the growth of this network – it’s making a real difference to very many people in Suffolk.

We wish you a healthy and prosperous new year and look forward to working with you in 2017

Talking Broadband and Tourism

This morning Andrew met Radio Suffolk reporter Luke Deal to discuss Broadband & Tourism.

They met at Haw Wood Farm Caravans and Camping, one of a dozen sites on Suffolk's heritage coast benefiting from our wireless broadband to give their visitors faster broadband speeds when they are on holiday. 

Radio Suffolk discuss broadband

Radio Suffolk's roving reporter Luke Deal and Andrew Blois of Rade Internet

Listen here (1hr 20 into the programme).

Are your visitors looking for faster broadband when they holiday in Suffolk?

Give us a call on 01502 478000 to see if we can give you a superfast broadband speed in your rural location.

Take a look at the villages we already cover:

We've recently added parts of Badingham and Ubbeston to our coverage area. 

Wider broadband coverage

As promised, we have been busy extending the coverage of our fixed wireless broadband service across rural Suffolk.

Get in touch if you live in one of these villages and suffer from poor broadband speeds or need a backup service for your business.

We're now able to offer fast, reliable broadband at these addresses too:

  • Aldeburgh
  • Thorpeness
  • Aldringham
  • Friston
  • Knodishall 
And these locations: 
  • Easton
  • Letheringham
  • Hacheston
  • Monewden
  • Hoo
  • Charsfield 
We're also live in:  
  • Heveningham
  • Huntingfield
  • Walpole

Plus, work is already well on the way to reach more rural homes and businesses; details coming soon.

UPDATE 30 March 16: Now adding outlying areas of Orford, Boyton, Shingle Street, Sudbourne and Iken. 

UPDATE 14 April 16: Now adding Brampton, Halesworth Ilketshall, Redisham, Spexhall and Westhall to our list of villages. 

UPDATE Summer 16: Our list of customers grows week on week, with connections live in Badingham, Framlingham and Peasenhall.

Our original list of villages within our network can be found at 

Give us a call on 01502 478000 and we'll be happy to check our maps for you - coverage is subject to geographical conditions, near line of sight is required. 

Upgrade IE now

As of tomorrow, Internet Explorer 11 will be the only version of the browser still supported by Microsoft. IE versions 8, 9 and 10 will reach their ‘end of life’ - meaning no more browser security fixes.

The best course of action is to ensure you are running the most current software available, both at work and home. A pop-up will urge you to upgrade.

For some websites, which were designed for earlier versions of Internet Explorer, you may need to use Compatibility View. When the browser recognises that a webpage is not compatible, you will see the button on the Address bar.

While one in four now use Chrome, Internet Explorer continues to have the biggest market share of any browser. Microsoft is urging users towards Windows 10 and its new Edge browser but Internet Explorer 11 will continue to receive updates for the time being.

Speak to our IT team if you have any concerns: 01502 479029

Into 2016

We rounded off 2015 by connecting new customers in Darsham, Wrentham and Sizewell to our fast, reliable broadband service – just in time for Christmas.

Now, as we head towards our 20th anniversary, plans are afoot for the continued expansion of our fixed wireless broadband network. With maps being studied and ladders scaled, we hope to make a big push to widen our coverage area in the coming quarter.

Not only do we offer an alternative to BT, mobile and satellite broadband, our locally based engineers are IT–trained, ensuring you are provided with a service that works for you.

Our customers include rural homes and businesses and units on industrial estates - those low priorities in the fibre roll-out plans.

Just give us a call on 01502 478000 to find out if you could benefit now – or ask to be included in our mailing list.

Win Svr 2003 end of support

Are you still running Windows Server 2003?

Your email and file servers are such an important part of your business - running your stock control, financials and customer support – they need to be secure and reliable.

Extended support for Windows Server 2003 ended on 14 July 15. That means no more updates, bug fixes and patches. In turn, that leads to security risks and potential compliance violations.

Improved performance and reduced maintenance are among the benefits to be gained from migrating to Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Azure or Office 365.

Call us on 01502 478000 and we’ll help you decide on the best platform to take your business forward.

Broadband voucher scheme

The Superfast Britain voucher scheme, which helps small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) connect to Superfast broadband, now includes parts of Suffolk: Ipswich, Babergh, Suffolk Coastal and Mid Suffolk.

To help more SMEs benefit from superfast broadband, the Government is offering vouchers, worth up to £3000 per business, towards the connection charges for Superfast broadband.

Rade Systems is a registered Superfast Britain supplier.

If the cost to connect your business to Superfast broadband is more than £100, you can apply for a voucher which can be redeemed against those installation costs.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is open to SMEs, sole traders, registered charities and social enterprises who have fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than €50m. Your business must not have received more than €200,000 in public grants in the last three years.

How fast is superfast?

The Government wants business users to take a ‘step change’ in their broadband speed. That means a broadband service of at least 30Mbps (megabits per second). To be eligible for a voucher, the new service must be at least twice as fast as what you have now.

What costs are covered?

Connection costs are covered, with a limit of £3,000. You will need to pay the fees for the broadband service and the VAT element of the connection charges. You need to sign up to a broadband contract for a minimum of six months.

How do I apply?

If the installation costs are going to be more than £100, it’s likely you’ll need a bespoke package. First you need a quote from a registered supplier – that’s where we come in. Then you fill in an online application form with a few details about your business, your old and new broadband service - we’ll be happy to help.

Give us a call on 01502 478000 to find out more about the Connection Voucher scheme. 


Wifi and Wireless

As we travel around Suffolk, we’re finding lots of interest in our wifi and wireless solutions. With people getting ready for the holiday season, we have installed wifi networks for hotels, holiday parks and caravan sites.

Holidays aside, we’ve recently provided WiFi services for the Precision Farming event at Otley College, the Anglia Business Exhibition and the Suffolk Show. Our systems ensure that exhibitors have good access to email on their stand; they can then upgrade the speed and bandwidth to allow for card processing and video streaming.

It’s apparent that lots of business people are still anxious for faster broadband speeds. Admittedly, the Better Broadband for Suffolk scheme has enabled fibre at more than 75,000 Suffolk properties but still huge numbers of businesses are waiting for the fibre roll-out to reach them. Worse still, some are finding that they are too far from the actual cabinet to benefit from superfast speeds.

Because of its latency issues, we’ve always maintained that, in the absence of fibre, satellite broadband isn’t really a viable contender for anywhere but the most remote areas. The high latency of a satellite service will hamper businesses trying to use VOIP calls and remote desktop because many online services will be too slow to respond. You don’t have these issues with a wireless broadband system.

Compare our wireless broadband with a latency of just 9ms with properties nearby - 720ms on a satellite connection. Why is this beneficial? Low latency, fast upload and download speeds enable the BBC Springwatch live camera feeds to give coverage on the Red Button throughout the day. Last week we were onsite again at RSPB Minsmere, a stone’s throw from our office, reinstalling a 100Mb wireless broadband service ready for this week’s wildlife action.

And you know the best bit? Now that Rade is an official supplier on the Connection Voucher scheme, more businesses in our local area can benefit from our superfast broadband. SMEs can apply for a grant when installation costs will be more than £100. Give Tish a call on 01502 478000 to find out more.