Hawkin’s Bazaar opens 100th retail store

Rade recently installed the EPOS system at gift retailer Hawkin’s Bazaar 100th store.

Well that's not entirely true.....

Every year Hawkin's Bazaar open "Christmas shops" so, if we add the 40 we opened last year, 35 the year before, 15 in 2006 and 10 in 2005, we have now opened in excess of 200 stores with around 600 EPOS tills and 200 supporting pc’s together with provisioning telephone lines, broadband and Cisco VPN infrastructure.

On top of this we provide 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm, EPOS and hardware support services.

We don’t think that is bad for 4 years work and we still have another 20 stores to provision by December!