Broadband Troubleshooting

For customers of Rade Internet -  

When your connection is completely offline, please follow these steps to get back online or diagnose the problem:

POWER - Check that all your equipment has power and power lights are lit on all the network equipment. If lights are not showing, please plug another piece of electrical equipment into the socket to check no breakers have tripped and there is power on that circuit.

CABLES - Check the network cables between the devices are all firmly connected and have not become dislodged or damaged.

Check that it's not just your device that's not working by trying another laptop, smartphone or tablet computer that is connected to the WiFi. Also, check if others in your household or business are experiencing the same problems.

WIFI - Check that it's not a WiFi issue. To do this, find a device that can be hard-wired into the access point/TP-Link and try a cabled connection.

REBOOT - Unplug the power cables powering your equipment, wait until all lights go out plus a few more seconds and then plug everything back in. This includes the small black POE adapter which links the radio on your roof and the TP-Link.

DO NOT press any RESET buttons. This will cause the device to factory reset to defaults which do not match our network.  If you think it has reset, try moving the cable that comes from the POE into the WAN port on the TP-Link.

If you have completed all of these steps and still can't use access the internet, please contact us to report a fault. Call 01502 478000.

Please explain that you have completed all the checks in full - our support team will be able to investigate further.

For customers of Zen Internet - 

Follow this link when experiencing performance issues with your Zen broadband service: 

If the steps they suggest do not resolve your connectivity issues, you can contact Zen's Technical Support team for further assistance by phone, email or online chat.