Win Svr 2003 end of support

Are you still running Windows Server 2003?

Your email and file servers are such an important part of your business - running your stock control, financials and customer support – they need to be secure and reliable.

Extended support for Windows Server 2003 ended on 14 July 15. That means no more updates, bug fixes and patches. In turn, that leads to security risks and potential compliance violations.

Improved performance and reduced maintenance are among the benefits to be gained from migrating to Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Azure or Office 365.

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Broadband voucher scheme

The Superfast Britain voucher scheme, which helps small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) connect to Superfast broadband, now includes parts of Suffolk: Ipswich, Babergh, Suffolk Coastal and Mid Suffolk.

To help more SMEs benefit from superfast broadband, the Government is offering vouchers, worth up to £3000 per business, towards the connection charges for Superfast broadband.

Rade Systems is a registered Superfast Britain supplier.

If the cost to connect your business to Superfast broadband is more than £100, you can apply for a voucher which can be redeemed against those installation costs.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is open to SMEs, sole traders, registered charities and social enterprises who have fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than €50m. Your business must not have received more than €200,000 in public grants in the last three years.

How fast is superfast?

The Government wants business users to take a ‘step change’ in their broadband speed. That means a broadband service of at least 30Mbps (megabits per second). To be eligible for a voucher, the new service must be at least twice as fast as what you have now.

What costs are covered?

Connection costs are covered, with a limit of £3,000. You will need to pay the fees for the broadband service and the VAT element of the connection charges. You need to sign up to a broadband contract for a minimum of six months.

How do I apply?

If the installation costs are going to be more than £100, it’s likely you’ll need a bespoke package. First you need a quote from a registered supplier – that’s where we come in. Then you fill in an online application form with a few details about your business, your old and new broadband service - we’ll be happy to help.

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Wifi and Wireless

As we travel around Suffolk, we’re finding lots of interest in our wifi and wireless solutions. With people getting ready for the holiday season, we have installed wifi networks for hotels, holiday parks and caravan sites.

Holidays aside, we’ve recently provided WiFi services for the Precision Farming event at Otley College, the Anglia Business Exhibition and the Suffolk Show. Our systems ensure that exhibitors have good access to email on their stand; they can then upgrade the speed and bandwidth to allow for card processing and video streaming.

It’s apparent that lots of business people are still anxious for faster broadband speeds. Admittedly, the Better Broadband for Suffolk scheme has enabled fibre at more than 75,000 Suffolk properties but still huge numbers of businesses are waiting for the fibre roll-out to reach them. Worse still, some are finding that they are too far from the actual cabinet to benefit from superfast speeds.

Because of its latency issues, we’ve always maintained that, in the absence of fibre, satellite broadband isn’t really a viable contender for anywhere but the most remote areas. The high latency of a satellite service will hamper businesses trying to use VOIP calls and remote desktop because many online services will be too slow to respond. You don’t have these issues with a wireless broadband system.

Compare our wireless broadband with a latency of just 9ms with properties nearby - 720ms on a satellite connection. Why is this beneficial? Low latency, fast upload and download speeds enable the BBC Springwatch live camera feeds to give coverage on the Red Button throughout the day. Last week we were onsite again at RSPB Minsmere, a stone’s throw from our office, reinstalling a 100Mb wireless broadband service ready for this week’s wildlife action.

And you know the best bit? Now that Rade is an official supplier on the Connection Voucher scheme, more businesses in our local area can benefit from our superfast broadband. SMEs can apply for a grant when installation costs will be more than £100. Give Tish a call on 01502 478000 to find out more.

Connection Voucher Scheme

Step up to superfast broadband with the help of the BDUK Connection Voucher Scheme.

Rade is an official supplier of the government’s Superfast Britain voucher scheme. Businesses can apply for a voucher worth between £100 and £3000 towards the installation costs of a superfast internet connection.

Give us a call on 01502 478000 to check your eligibility and find out more about the application process. 


Switching made easy

Starting 20th June, you no longer need to supply a MAC code to move your broadband to another provider but it’s vitally important that suppliers have your up-to-date contact details.

Ofcom are changing the system to make it easier for consumers and promote more competition. In the past, unscrupulous ISPs have been known to supply a fake code to prevent customers switching. Ofcom logo

With the new switching rules, you only need to give your phone number and postcode to the new provider. This will automatically initiate a cancellation process and the switch will take place in 10 working days.

As a safeguard, you will receive a Notification of Transfer (NoT) from both your old and new supplier. This gives you 10 days to change your mind and enough time to prevent a switch if you are a victim of ‘slamming’. This is when you phone line is switched without your knowledge and consent.

In 10 years of looking after dozens of broadband connections, only once have we come across an instance of slamming. It was probably not malicious, more likely a simple typo by someone else wanting to move, but it lead to a lot of trouble and there’s always that risk if your contact details are out of date.

Our customer was only alerted to the issue when his broadband stopped working. On investigation, we found his phone line had switched from BT to Sky and that had prompted the cancellation of his broadband service. In those days, when Openreach’s back office systems sometimes took days to update, we had to wait until the old broadband tag had cleared before a new order could be placed and another week for the service to be re-activated. Consider what impact that could have on your business and check your contact details.

For customers who need business broadband packages, who are out of range of our wireless broadband services, Rade partner with Zen, Eclipse and Fluidata. Read more here and give Tish a call on 01502 478000 if you would like to discuss further.


Positive Feedback

It's great to hear from happy customers. Here are just some of the comments from the past fortnight about our wireless internet service for coastal Suffolk:

Darsham resident: "I'm tickled pink with my new broadband speeds"

Dunwich resident: "It's a real treat to deal with a local company and one that is properly providing a crucial service"

Middleton resident: "I'm thrilled with my new Rade internet connection and am telling all the locals about it"

Westleton resident: "All great thanks! Such a difference - back to normal life!"

Dunwich resident: "All went very well thanks - a good couple of guys who were very efficient"  

Thank you for all your kind words - it makes all the hard work setting up the network worthwhile. 

We have more installations lined up for the coming weeks and, with your support, we can make plans to extend our network and provide superfast broadband speeds to more Suffolk homes and businesses.  

Give us a call on 01502 478000 to find out more. 

Go Superfast

It's great news that the Government's Connection Voucher Scheme has been extended to more places across the UK. As part of 'Greater Ipswich', businesses in Suffolk Coastal can apply for a grant of up to £3,000 to bring them significantly faster, better broadband.

That's where our wireless broadband comes in. If your business is in the block of land from Leiston up to Lowestoft and is beyond the reach of the fibre roll-out, or it's still not giving you the superfast speeds that will boost your business, talk to us. 

The scheme also includes Babergh, Mid Suffolk and Ipswich itself. Here, we can help you with your application for a leased line service.  

If you're ready for a 'step change' in your broadband performance call us on 01502 478000 to learn more. 


MP talks superfast broadband

Dr Therese Coffey (MP for Suffolk Coastal) recently visited to see for herself how wireless broadband is helping to provide superfast broadband for people in her constituency. Dr Coffey visits Rade

Dr Coffey said: "I was delighted to meet Jake and Andrew from Rade, who are bringing wifi broadband to rural residents and businesses. These are the kind of people grafting hard and taking a risk with their own money to help others".

Our wireless broadband provides speeds from 6Mbit/second (Mb) to 100Mb across a wide area between Leiston and Lowestoft, with plans to extend the area of coverage.

Dr Coffey discussed the Government's revised Connection Voucher Scheme which offers businesses up to £3000 to install superfast connections. Ipswich is about to be added and there is potention for the scheme to extend to rural areas. 

Windows Server 2003 end of support

In less than six months, support ends for Windows Server 2003. What does this mean for you?

If your business is still running Windows Server 2003 / Small Business Server 2003, extended support ends on 14th July 2015. This means no more security or performance updates. Critical issues will remain unfixed and leave you exposed to cybersecurity dangers.

As they run your business - ordering, logistics, supply, financials and customer support - email and file servers need to be super reliable. Last year's hack on Sony Pictures reminded us that server systems are vulnerable to attack and the personal and financial data they hold can be stolen.Microsoft Windows Server 2003

All businesses need to take steps to protect their data, especially when watchdogs will levy fines for putting customers' data at risk.

Rade can help you take the steps to plan and implement a migration.

By migrating to Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure or Office 365, your business can achieve concrete benefits: improved performance, reduced maintenance, increased agility and speed of response.

Call us on 01502 478000 and we'll help you decide on the best platform to take your business forward.

Broadband for the Suffolk coast

Rade's wireless broadband service is now available in villages along the Suffolk coast, between Leiston and Kessingland.

Fast - Reliable - Affordable 

Poor broadband signal?

Need a backup internet connection for your business?

Holiday cottage needs broadband? 

  • No need for a phone line
  • Unlimited usage
  • Choose your package from 6 to 100Mbit per sec
  • Upload speeds to match download speed
  • Local support 

Prices start at just £17.99 inc VAT per month

Standard installation cost: £150, subject to survey 

A discreet box will be fitted to your outside wall and connected to your existing switch or wireless access point (we can supply at a small additional cost, if you don't already have one).You can rely on our fast, reliable, local support

To find out more visit our wireless broadband page or call Jason or Jake on 01502 478000.