Rade supplies equipment for rainforest web cam

When Rade is asked to procure a surveillance camera system it is usually to protect our customer’s property or staff. The Axis wireless network camera is a high performance camera designed for professional video surveillance. For outdoor use, a weather-proof housing including a heater and sunshield is available. This camera was supplied with housing as it is being used to film in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador.

WLT’s Webcam in the Forest project was launched at an event held at the Linnean Society of London attended by the WLT’s patron, Sir David Attenborough. The webcam is situated in the forest at Buenaventura Reserve in Ecuador. Live footage will be streamed on the Wildlife Focus website from 1st February 2008.

WLT is an international conservation charity based in Halesworth, Suffolk. WLT preserves wildlife habitat by raising funds to enable overseas NGOs to purchase and protect important areas as nature reserves. Since 1989, WLT has helped purchase and protect over 400,000 acres of habitats rich in wildlife.