ADSL & Fibre Broadband

Our partnerships with complimentary businesses such as Fluidata, Zen Internet and Urban WiMax allow us to offer a wide range of Internet connectivity including leased line, WiMax, Bonded ADSL and traditional ADSL Internet access. 


Fibre Broadband (FTTC & FTTP), ADSL and Leased Lines

Established in 1995 as one of the UK’s first Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Zen Internet delivers a full range of products and services including Broadband, Voice, Leased Lines and Ethernet, IP VPN, Hosting and Domains, Online Data Backup and Managed Network Security.

Zen regularly win awards for the reliability of their products and the quality of their support. Zen were delighted when they were recently awarded Which? Recommended Broadband Provider for the 18th consecutive time and PC Pro have crowned them ‘Best ISP’ for the last eleven years.

We recommend Zen for their superb support and flexible contracts. We can rely on their diagnostics tools to better manage your connection and check its health.


Bonded Broadband 

Eclipse Bonded DSL works by bonding up to 4 standard broadband lines together, creating a single virtual broadband connection for your business.Eclipse Internet

Bonded broadband is the ideal solution if you are looking for a cost effective way to increase your speed or are unable to benefit from other solutions such as Fibre broadband

Eclipse's Bonded DSL Aggregator merges all lines together to deliver optimum speeds. They don’t do what some other providers do - take the lowest speed line and use this for the combined speed. Also, Eclipse provide the hardware you need, even if more than normal is required, at no additional cost.


Premium Broadband Services

FluidataFluidata pioneers innovative, high speed Internet services. As an Independent Telecommunications Carrier they are not tied into relationships with single suppliers. This enables them to create bespoke solutions with increased flexibility to directly target the needs of each client.

Fluidata are an exclusively business-to-business provider. Their range of connectivity solutions include dedicated access and wide area networking using DSL and leased lines and wireless based technologies.


For further details on Rade's connectivity solutions, please contact us on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.