MP talks superfast broadband

Dr Therese Coffey (MP for Suffolk Coastal) recently visited to see for herself how wireless broadband is helping to provide superfast broadband for people in her constituency. Dr Coffey visits Rade

Dr Coffey said: "I was delighted to meet Jake and Andrew from Rade, who are bringing wifi broadband to rural residents and businesses. These are the kind of people grafting hard and taking a risk with their own money to help others".

Our wireless broadband provides speeds from 6Mbit/second (Mb) to 100Mb across a wide area between Leiston and Lowestoft, with plans to extend the area of coverage.

Dr Coffey discussed the Government's revised Connection Voucher Scheme which offers businesses up to £3000 to install superfast connections. Ipswich is about to be added and there is potention for the scheme to extend to rural areas.