Email / SMTP Gateway

Very Good Email Silver PartnerRade's Gateway provides the best solution to ridding your organisation of rogue emails. Remote scanners filter your email before it ever reaches your network. It's a solution that combines simplicity with effectiveness.

Gateway is ideal for Exchange and other SMTP servers and requires no hardware, software or maintenance. It also acts as a backup server where your mail is held if your mail server or Internet connectivity fails.



Enter Gateway, a practical, affordable and effective solution to the rise of rogue emails. Here's how it works...

Normally emails are delivered directly to your SMTP server (e.g. Exchange). With the Gateway service, your email is delivered to our data center first. These systems detect spam and virus-infected email and remove or tag them (your choice). The email is then delivered to your server as normal.

This service requires no new hardware, software, training or maintenance. The only required outlay is a licence fee, which you will find to be extremely competitive.

We'll even virus-scan your outbound email if you wish. At no extra charge!


System Requirements

Gateway is a service, not software or hardware. It is compatible with anything that can accept an SMTP feed. You need an Internet-accessible SMTP email server such as Exchange or Notes and that's it.


For more information on how Gateway can benefit your business, please contact Jake Barton on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.