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Suffolk Coastal Broadband

In 2014, Rade partnered with Redraw Internet, a Wireless ISP, to bring a wireless broadband internet service to the villages of east Suffolk.

We first worked together on BBC Springwatch, connecting a superfast service to the nature reserve at Minsmere. Knowing many parts of Suffolk suffered from very limited broadband service, we were keen to share the benefits.

We have gradually extended our network and now scores of rural homes and businesses enjoy a much faster, reliable internet connection.

We have connected customers in over 80 Suffolk villages. 

  • Superfast speeds: from 6Mb to 100Mb
  • No BT phone line required
  • Generous usage allowances
  • Reliable, local service  

What is fixed wireless broadband? 

Fixed Wireless Broadband is an internet service that is delivered by line of sight from local relay points via radio antennas.

Wireless technology allows you to connect without the service limitations of your address or phone line. 

Prices start from just £18 per month plus a one-off installation fee. 

We're not reliant on landline, mobile or satellite signals.   

Service is dependent on line of sight from one of our masts. When you contact us we will check our maps and let you know what service might be available.  

Fast upload and download speeds 

All our Internet access packages are symmetrical, giving similar speeds both up and down.

Fast upload speeds give you a far smoother online experience. You'll really notice the difference if you have tried satellite broadband and suffered from intermittency and latency issues.

The majority of our customers are those who have struggled with poor, at times non-existent, service in many Suffolk villages. However, as a BT phone line isn't needed for our broadband service, it is also ideal for people who don't want the expense of another phone line, such as a business who needs a backup internet connection and holiday cottage owners.

How much does it cost? 

Packages are priced according to the speed we send to your receiver, this is measured in megabits per second - Mbps - a measure of data transfer speed, your download speed. 

Our standard installation fee for residential customers is £216, which includes your wifi access point.

All connections are subject to survey. We may need a bracket to fit your receiver or a pole or dish to improve reception. These will incur extra costs, which will be explained ahead of your appointment.

Residential Packages - priced according to speed:
Rade fixed wireless broadband

Home 6Mb  £18 per month.

Home 12Mb  £30 per month.

Home 20Mb  £42 per month.

Business Packages: 

Starting from £25 + VAT per month, we offer a range of cost-effective services for business users.

Choose a package from our Business Lite range, which adds on preferential support, a static IP address and larger data allowance. Our Business Pro packages, with speeds up to 100Mb, are ideal for leisure facilities such as hotels and holiday parks.

* Business Lite 20:1 packages from £25 + VAT per month
Choice of 6, 12, 20Mbit/sec speeds

* Business Pro 10:1 packages from £50 + VAT per month
Choice of 6, 12, 20, 30, 50, 100Mbit/sec speeds

* Business 1:1 Dedicated Bandwidth packages - prices available on request

What does the installation involve?

A standard installation takes around 2 hours. Our engineer will attach a small receiver box to your tv aerial, which we will align for the best signal. We will then fit the cable to connect the box to the inside of your property, to bring fast, secure broadband to your home or office. 

Some installations are more complex and, for example, may need a pole to provide extra height or a larger receiver for a better reception. We will explain the costs before we carry out any work. 

Do you cover our area? 

Our customers include holiday parks, hotels, farms, industrial units, rural businesses, schools and homes. 

Our original network, which we started back in 2014, ranged from Lowestoft to Leiston. Now we have extended our coverage area towards Felixstowe and inland, south of Framlingham and north of Halesworth. We continue to invest to reach more corners of Suffolk in need of faster broadband.

We have connected premises in over 80 Suffolk villages and we continue to invest to reach more areas of Suffolk in need of faster broadband.

 ** Coverage is subject to geographical conditions as near line of sight is required **

Find out more 

To check coverage for your home or business, please call 01502 478000 to speak to Jake, Jason or Tish or send us your contact details and address. We will ask you to pinpoint your address so we can check our maps as the first step to finding you faster broadband speeds.

For further details on Rade's connectivity solutions, please contact us on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.