Will you benefit from Better Broadband for Suffolk?

How to check if you will get a fibre broadband upgrade from the BBFS scheme. 

1. Enter your telephone number into the BT checker and see if the results shows a cabinet.

e.g. "Telephone Number 017286xxxxx on Exchange WESTLETON is served by Cabinet 1"

If you see NO cabinet number you are on an Exchange Only (EO) line and pretty much out of luck and won't see anything for at least 2 years as it requires additional funding. This is because you are wired directly to the exchange.

2. Assuming you are not on an exchange only line, enter your postcode into the BBFS checker. 

If you are going to get a cabinet upgrade you will get the following result with a rough timescale.
"Please see the timeline shown on the map which indicates when better broadband will start arriving in your parish. We are currently planning the rollout in your area, and more information will be made available as soon as possible" 
Or, if unlucky, a message like the one below;

"This postcode is currently within the Suffolk Better Broadband intervention programme and subject to our minimum commitment of 2Mbps by 2015. However we do not have a current date for fibre deployment. We are however actively seeking additional funding to introduce fibre deployment into our plans for this area as soon as possible as we look to push our 90% fibre coverage higher."

However, don't completely dispair if you are not going to benefit. There are alternative methods of getting faster broadband which we can advise on and would be pleased to discuss with you!