Switching made easy

Starting 20th June, you no longer need to supply a MAC code to move your broadband to another provider but it’s vitally important that suppliers have your up-to-date contact details.

Ofcom are changing the system to make it easier for consumers and promote more competition. In the past, unscrupulous ISPs have been known to supply a fake code to prevent customers switching. Ofcom logo

With the new switching rules, you only need to give your phone number and postcode to the new provider. This will automatically initiate a cancellation process and the switch will take place in 10 working days.

As a safeguard, you will receive a Notification of Transfer (NoT) from both your old and new supplier. This gives you 10 days to change your mind and enough time to prevent a switch if you are a victim of ‘slamming’. This is when you phone line is switched without your knowledge and consent.

In 10 years of looking after dozens of broadband connections, only once have we come across an instance of slamming. It was probably not malicious, more likely a simple typo by someone else wanting to move, but it lead to a lot of trouble and there’s always that risk if your contact details are out of date.

Our customer was only alerted to the issue when his broadband stopped working. On investigation, we found his phone line had switched from BT to Sky and that had prompted the cancellation of his broadband service. In those days, when Openreach’s back office systems sometimes took days to update, we had to wait until the old broadband tag had cleared before a new order could be placed and another week for the service to be re-activated. Consider what impact that could have on your business and check your contact details.

For customers who need business broadband packages, who are out of range of our wireless broadband services, Rade partner with Zen, Eclipse and Fluidata. Read more here and give Tish a call on 01502 478000 if you would like to discuss further.