Online Backup

Our Online Backup service, based upon the Attix5 Backup Professional software, is ideal for small to medium organisations operating Microsoft Windows servers and applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server. The service provides a fully automated, off-site and secure data backup and recovery solution that delivers ‘set and forget backup’ and ‘anytime recovery’ capability.

Using Attix5 Online Backup means you can focus your IT resources on developing your infrastructure, rather than managing time consuming backup operations, with the peace of mind that should data be lost you can recovery it easily and quickly.

With the ever increasing amounts of electronic data being created and stored on production servers, traditional tape backup solutions are struggling to cope. IT departments are facing several problems in trying to keep up with this data growth, for example: backups and recoveries taking too long, difficulty in validating data backup and recovery processes, managing multiple media, increasing consumption of human resources.

By using the Online Backup service you overcome these problems and gain the following benefits:

  • No capital outlay - only pay for the data you backup
  • Tried and tested solution
  • Addresses business continuity needs
  • Fully automated and highly secure
  • Two encrypted copies of data stored off-site in separate data centres
  • Highly resilient network infrastructure backed by industry leading SLAs
  • Frees up human resources

For more information on Attix5 Online Backup, please contact either Jason Munro or Jake Barton on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.