Video People Counters

Rade are authorised resellers and installers of the Biodata Video Turnstile People / Footfall Counting System.

Biodata have been designing data collection systems for over 30 years. Their experience makes us confident that Video Turnstile people counting systems are the most reliable on the market. So much so that they offer free technical support for life!

The Video Turnstile system lets shopping centres, galleries, banks, nightclubs, libraries, retail outlets and so on record the number of people entering and leaving their premises. Information is shown on display meters or in Windows software.


The People Counting System in a Nutshell

  • Overhead closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera tracks people entering and leaving.
  • Video Turnstile unit detects, counts and records entries and exits.
  • Verify counts: you can watch the video and see marker lines flash when the system detects someone crossing the threshold.
  • Monitor many entrances.
  • Counts are regularly downloaded to a PC running Windows.
  • Includes the Windmill suite of data collection software for continuous count updating on the PC.
  • Export count data to almost any third-party Windows software, such as Excel or Access. 


See a video demonstration of the counter in action. Each flash of the top line indicates a person in, and a flash of the bottom line a person out.

See Video  (Requires Windows Media Player)


For a full demonstration of Video Turnstile or for further information please contact Jake Barton on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.